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There is great satisfaction in knowing you've done your job well and served
your clients' interests. It gives us particular satisfaction when our clients take
the time to acknowledge their satisfaction by providing Website4MD with their testimonials.

I would like, on behalf of Family Care ENT, to thank you for the nice job in creating our website. We went dormant for a while, but when we finally reconnected with you, you were very responsive to our needs and patiently help us until we were completely satisfied. Your work and willingness to help are commended. Even though we have always have a very good response from Meditab, you are exceptionally helpful and we appreciate it very much.
One year ago we had an outdated/basic/simple website for our medical practice. I wanted a site that would well represent our practice and had the content/design items that I had always envisioned but never able to get from our prior website designer. Since we've made the transition to Website4MD, Shailesh and his team have created a website that we are very happy with. We had a conference call to start and within 30 minutes he had a good idea of what I wanted. Website4MD team was very patient throughout the entire process; changes/updates were always done with quick turnaround. I highly recommend Website4MD. Well done!
What an amazing journey! Shailesh and his team worked with our company, hand in hand, looking into every detail… the content, colors, links, maps, every dot and dash. We appreciate the patience and expertise. We will certainly pay it forward and make good on the promise to spread nice words about Website4md. Our web pages reflect the dedication and enthusiasm of the team who developed allergyasthmaiowa.com. We are very grateful and look forward to the fascinating changes that will unfold.
Francisco Mir Peralta, M.D. - Centers for Allergy, Asthma and Immune Disorders, P.C.
Before using Website4MD, I’ve had little exposure to web designing and networking. Team Website4MD has been very informative in explaining how to develop a website for my practice. I found them to be extremely helpful and informative. I would highly recommend Website4MD for other allergy practices in need of developing a website presence.
Dr. Alan Kaufman, M.D. - Center for Allergy & Asthma of Bronx & Westchester
We would like to highly recommend Website4MD team. They recently created a wonderful web page and logo for our non-profit organization. Website4MD team created a gorgeous web page that represents us beautifully. Website4MD team was a great pleasure to work with. They had excellent ideas, listened carefully to our requests and needs, and were very responsive and patient. We were amazed at how fast they acted on changes. One thing we found very helpful was that they created multiple models of things so that we could see what different possibilities actually looked like, rather than just talk about them. We highly recommend Website4MD to anyone looking for a fresh internet presence.
Alex and Marta Gorelik - Voice of the Children
We needed to redesign our website as our company evolved. As a reseller of software and IT services, we needed to have attractive website with visual features, many pages and news flash capabilities to advertise our promotions during the year. We also needed a blog and customer feedback capabilities.

Website4md has done fantastic job in a timely manner. The staff was very responsive, knowledgeable and easy to work with. They gave us many ideas and suggestions, and the cost was very competitive. All of the work was done remotely on their test server and after our approval, the website was moved over to our hosting site. We are very happy with their product and services. I would recommend them for any website redesign or maintenance work. We are extremely pleased and will work with them for many of their products and services.
Rashmi Chauhan, President - HealthTech Services
I wanted to say Thank you to Website4MD team for helping me through the process of creating our website. It looks amazing... I would highly recommend this company to anyone who is looking to do a website for there office. Very pleased.
Krista Cotta - California Heart Medical Associates
One of the toughest thing about creating a website is making sure that every detail is accurate. This means that I sometimes I require several issues to be fixed each day. The responsiveness of the staff was extremely helpful to get this project completed the way that we wanted. I am pleased to have worked with Website4MD's Team. His quick response and resolution were absolutely appreciated and helped me get our website up and running in the time frame required.
Dr. New Sang - SANG Pediatrics
Main thing I can say about website4md is the ease of working with them. It sounds a simple idea but Trust me it’s much more than that. It took a 5 min call to them to let them know what we need. I got 3 test templates and I picked one and we started working on it. They are very active and patient on all changes requested by me. I just finished working on a website and very excited to start the new one [ I am sure exciting is not something you hear from clients these days ].

Good going guys…
Chris Rayi - Capitol Cardiology
I am both, an Aesthetic Doctor and a Board certified Pediatrician in private practice. I split my time between both offices which has been a bear to handle, since Pediatrics has played the role of Primadonna and Aesthetics always ranked second. Eventually I had hired help in Pediatrics, and I was excited to give Aesthetics a fair share. I wanted to give it a "face lift" in form of a new, shiny website with all the bells and whistles. Fortunately, my pediatric office had a prior satisfying experience with our electronic medical record with Meditab, now website4MD. I contacted William and explained what I was looking for. Now, Aesthetic websites are not that frequently done by web designers. But he got a crew together that was a pleasure to work with and who produced fabulous ideas and designs. It was obvious from our communication and the creations that everybody had fun doing this project. It flowed naturally. We had a lot of special requests. Never did we hear any complaint. We were always treated gracefully. I am sure the crew put some extra hours in that we never heard about. They just wanted to do it right. I am very happy with it, come take a look!
Barbara Ringwald M.D. - MAI Beauty Image
I can personally endorse Website4MD whether you are starting from scratch or simply wanting to bring your website into the modern era. My website was designed with a personal touch to bring out the highlights we needed to get the most from the website. It was also "tied in" to our patient portal. The folks at Website4MD have been more than responsive to any questions about personally editing our website or asking Website4MD to edit the website. The timing from start to finish was very satisfactory and the price was very reasonable. I have found a company that I intend to continue to use well into the future for all of our web presence needs. Highly recommended.
Dr. Ron Jones - Royse City Medical / Tri-County Pain Management Centre
We recently decided to give our existing website a "facelift" because it was very clunky and outdated. Website4md did an outstanding job and created a very contemporary, functional website that certainly met our needs. The job was done quickly, efficiently and accurately. I couldn't be happier with the results and would recommend Website4md without any hesitation whatsoever.
Julie Ward (CFO) - Apollo Managed Care, Inc.
Creating a website was always a daunting task for me as it’s hard to find the right guys to make it look creative and work patiently throughout the process. The staff at Website4MD has helped us to achieve the quality I wanted while working through the process with me. Our website www.smmgmd.com would not have looked professional without their constant input. One other thing I liked the most is how fast the changes were made once requested. I would recommend anybody who needs a decent website without spending tens of thousands. I even ran the website through an SEO engine and it passed the test with good scores. Overall, I am a happy camper.
Chris Rayi (Office Manager) - Southern Maryland Medical Group
Website4MD was able to provide a very professional and a contemporary website that is very user friendly. From beginning till the end working with the Website4MD was easy.
Dr Abraham J. Nagy (M.D.) - Nevada Headache Institute
Our experience in building and designing our first website for our company was very smooth and worry free. The staff at website4md especially Website Development Team was patient, they listened to our ideas and tried their best to meet our sun it lake requests and expectations. I am very pleased with our website. I even get assistance every now and then with updates and changes. I would recommend this service to anyone that is looking for a company that listens to your needs and works hard to please you.
Carolina Dones (Office Manager) - Sun 'N Lake Medical Group
I used to have doubts in having a website. But Meditab designed one for our clinic; I'm convinced of its positive benefits. I never imagined the huge opportunity that web marketing can open for I us. Now I can serve more patients and communicate with them I easily 24/7 without being in the office entirely. Things are a lot easier for us now and thanks to Meditab's team of experts for * designing an impressive site that fits our needs.
Dr. Micheal A. Lenoir
Website4MD did a great job! It was our first website and we didn't know what to expect at first but they walked us through the process and patiently helped us each step of the way. The success of the website has been beyond our expectations. We receive compliments daily from people who visited our site and we could not have asked for a better design. You should definitely consider Website4MD if you are planning on building a website. Their design team really did a good job. Thank you for everything.
Carmen Brock (Office Manager) - Berj T. Kalamkarian, M.D., Inc
In 2010 Triohm had decide to completely overhaul its branding efforts to reflect the variety of services we offer. The project involved addressing web design along with incorporating video media and brochures all with a single branded look. The team at Meditab was able to respond to the challenge and had surpassed all our expectations in delivering a unique level of customer satisfaction. The Meditab team architects a plan to tie in all our needs and was able to implement each phase on time with precision. Considering the complexity of the project the Meditab team always rose to the challenges with a can do attitude. I would highly recommend that you experiencing the Meditab difference for yourself.
Kishor D. Solanki - Triohm
Website4MD does a great job! The staff is very friendly and easy to work with. Their design concepts are very easy to work with and their staff is always eager to help. Through the development of our website we have had many changes and new ideas to add and the team at Website4MD has been very patient and understanding and most of all very accommodating to our needs. They have done a great job for us and continue to do so. Thanks for your hard work!
Reece Christensen - PharmEase, LLC
I did not realized that It is a lot off work to make a web site. Excellent team work with good communication skills are must among various parties for a succesful website. Thanks to Shameer, the project manager with Meditab for introducing me to Shailesh who is website developer with Website4MD. Shailesh is cool, calm and collected. I had so many changes and suggestions which he implemented to our website with a smile. He was not only super easy to work with but was also available whenever I needed him. I will whole heartedly recommend Website4MD if anyone is thinking to develop a new website.
Dr Gurdev Judge, MD - Allergy, Asthma & Sinus Center, P.A.
This was our IPAs first website, and we exactly didn't know where to start from. The Meditab website development team quickly created three different layouts for us to choose from, everything from design and layout to color and content was smooth and efficient. Meditab listened and took all the questions and comments seriously and responded immediately in a timely manner. Meditab team put a lot of effort and time to make our website look intact and perfect; Meditab definitely met and exceeded the expectations with ease. Our team here at SynerMed was very impressed and would love to work with Meditab again in the future. Either it's the company's first website or the tenth website, I would certainly recommend using Meditab as a resource. Thank you Meditab for all the hard work and really appreciate the effort that was put in.
Kamalpreet Saini (Administrative Assistant) - MultiCultural IPA
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