Online Appointment Booking System

Why Patients Want An Online Appointment Booking System

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Online Patient Appointment Booking System

In today’s digital age, people want things done quickly and on-demand, which is why immediacy is becoming the norm. Just like we like for our Chinese takeout to be at our doorstep in 10 minutes, booking an appointment with doctors should be just as fast and easy as well.

The majority of us these days expect for our digital experiences to happen instantaneously. Not only are we living in a digital world, but we are also living in a fast-paced environment. Fast cars, fast service, fast everything – we want everything to be done in a jiffy. Most of you are probably juggling multiple schedules from home and at work. It’s only right that you shouldn’t have to stress too much about trying to schedule an appointment with your doctor. One of the best ways to eliminate stress is by booking an appointment online in just a few easy steps.

According to a study by Accenture, out of 100 large healthcare systems, only 40% allow patients to schedule an appointment online. Also, 77% of patients said that it is important for them to be able to book, change, or cancel appointments online with their healthcare provider. When you offer your patients the convenience of booking an appointment with you using their smartphones, you are creating a better consumer experience and you have a strong competitive incentive to roll out online scheduling systems.

Benefits of Patient Online Booking Appointment System

Here are 3 benefits that both patients and healthcare providers gain by using an online appointment booking system:

Trust, transparency, and flexibility

Booking an appointment over the phone is one of the most traditional methods of booking an appointment. However, it’s a major disadvantage for people who are time-restricted because they have to call during business hours. On the other hand, online appointment booking is great for people with limited free time because it allows a patient to book an appointment online at his or her own convenience. This means that they can do it after-hours, on weekends, or whenever works the best for them. An online appointment booking system shows patients what time slots are available. It is time-efficient, provides transparency and helps the patients feel more informed and in control.

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Boosts honesty

Patients tend to be more honest about why they want to go see their doctor if they book their appointment online. They provide more detailed descriptions of their symptoms especially if they feel embarrassed to describe it over the phone. Through an online appointment booking system, patients can provide a more accurate description of what and how they are feeling. This can help you be prepared for their visit.

Reduces no-show rates

Online appointment booking systems help reduce no-show rates. Through the online system, they can allow patients to easily verify, cancel, and reschedule their appointments. Fewer people miss their appointments without giving prior notice which is also very beneficial to your medical practice’s bottom line.

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Online Appointment Scheduling Statistics

These are the different statistics as to why patients want to be able to easily book an appointment online.

  • With an online appointment booking system, your patients can schedule an appointment even after business hours. That is why 34.3% of appointments were scheduled during closing hours.
  • 6% of appointments scheduled online are for same-day slots
  • 20% of appointments scheduled were for next day slots

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According to Patientpop, a recent survey shows that 44% of healthcare practices (yours might be one of them) aren’t fully booked most days. With an online booking appointment system, the 44% statistics might just go down.

People are now more comfortable talking on the phone or using their mobile phones rather than actual interaction. As a healthcare provider in a very competitive world, you need to step up your game.  There is a clear need to accommodate the growing number of patients who prefer to use their devices to schedule an appointment. After all, if your patients can order an Uber, make a dinner reservation, even schedule an appointment with their hairstylist online, your patients should also be able to schedule an appointment with you as well.

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You also have to take advantage of the fact that millennials are a little more worrisome when it comes to their health. They visit their doctors even at the simplest symptom such as a small wart or a slight discoloration of the skin. Millennials (ages 18-34) use their phones almost all the time. As I mentioned earlier, people order almost everything online. People want quick and easy access to everything and that includes seeing their medical providers. So, why not join the bandwagon and provide your patients with a better appointment booking experience?

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