Good Medical Website Design: Why It Matters and How To Pull It Off

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As a physician, having a well-designed website is extremely important. However, most doctors don’t value having a good medical website design; many doctors are only concerned with simply just having a website. Don’t fall victim to that mentality. The design of your website is very important because the look and feel of your website reflect how visitors or potential patients perceive your practice and you as a physician. Ultimately, your website will be the first thing that potential patients see online about you. And you know what they say – “First impressions last”.

Think of it this way – a website is like your storefront. If a visitor doesn’t like what they see, they’ll leave immediately. And when you make a bad first impression, you could lose out on a potential patient. But if you make a good first impression, you could potentially gain a lead. And that lead could turn into a new patient that may become a loyal, long-term patient.

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What Does A Good Medical Website Include?

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It should be informative and useful

Does your website provide a clear picture of who your medical practice is? When patients look at your website, will they be able to figure out your services? Have you clearly planned out and showcased the benefits you can provide your patients?

Your website should be full of information because that’s why you made it in the first place. And by providing helpful information, your patients view your website as a useful resource. And, isn’t that one of the purposes of your website anyway?

It should be aesthetically pleasing

When you look at a person, no matter how much you deny it, the thing that you notice first is their looks. The same goes for your website. Your visitors will quickly judge the credibility of your practice simply based on how your website looks. Here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Your medical website should be easy to navigate. Make it user-friendly so that even a novice Internet user can still easily browse your website.
  • The colors of your website should not only compliment the colors of your company but they should also be captivating. A lot of studies in Psychology have proven that colors can affect a person’s mood, behavior, and even decisions.
  • Your website should allow patients to absorb information easier and also make it enjoyable. Eliminate unnecessary visual clutter and if needed, properly organize your content so that it won’t confuse your visitors.
  • Pop-up ads are annoying. Refrain from ads that can distract your visitors from reading your content.

From the font style to the pictures that you’re using, you have to make sure these things are easy on the eyes and enticing enough to hook your visitors. Some might think that fonts don’t even matter but believe me, it does. Fonts can influence a person’s perception and it can even help persuade the actions of your visitors.

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What Should Be On Your Medical Website?

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In this portion of the blog, we will be discussing the different pages that how each page can help your website stand out above your competition.

#1 Homepage

There are 5 key things that your website’s homepage should have:

1.1 Logo: A Branding Element

Your logo should reflect the type of medical practice that you are and your specialty. Your logo will help your patients remember you especially if it’s really eye-catching. In terms of the placement of your logo on your website, most designers suggest placing a logo in the top-left corner because our eyes are trained to start reading from the left side of the page. We agree with that recommendation.

1.2 Title & Description: A Descriptive Element

You could use your name or the name of your medical practice as your title. Just make sure it represents you well. And, include a short, brief, and concise description as a supporting factor. The title and description should complement your logo, and be sure to place it near the logo as well.

1.3 A Call To Action (CTA) Button

So, what do you want your visitors to do after they land on your homepage? Of course, you would want them to get in touch with you right away. Therefore, you should create a button (that button is referred to as a call to action button) that motivates your visitors to take action. Make it short, direct and creative. Here are a few examples:

  • Get in touch with us!
  • Give us a call right now!
  • Schedule a free consultation today!
  • Yes! Sign me up now!

When it comes to CTA buttons, you can create your own or hire a marketing expert who can help you out.

1.4 Striking Visual Elementsimportance of having a medical website design for your practice

Many people get attracted to what they see before they are attracted to what they hear or feel. Incorporating striking photos and videos on your website will get visitors to stay a little bit longer. Here are a few striking visual elements that you could add to your website:

  • An image that best represents your medical practice, what you have to offer, and the benefits that you provide
  • Photos of your team of experts with a link that can be connected to another page on your website.

#2 About Us Page

Your About Us Page should have a detailed description of your medical practice. If your homepage contains a brief description, this should be where you share more personal and heartfelt information about your practice and staff members. Let your readers know how much your medical practice/facility/organization cares about your patients. Let them know how you can help them and, if applicable, include a short history of your practice.

#3 Testimonials Page

What’s the best way to prove to your potential patients that you’re the real deal and best practice in town? Our recommendation: reviews from your existing patients and testimonials from your staff members! If you have a great number of positive reviews, it will truly reflect positively on you as a medical practitioner. Make it a goal of yours to gather as many reviews and testimonials as possible. And let your potential patients know that with you, they’ll be in great hands.

#4 Contact Page

NEVER EVER forget to create a page where your potential patients can connect with you. Your medical practice will not thrive without patients, and not having a contact page is one way to limit the number of potential patients that reach out to your practice. Turn your potential patients into real-time paying patients and watch your revenue skyrocket!

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#5 Blog Page

Most doctors can’t see the value of having a blog on their website. Well, doctor, I’m telling you now that a blog is important. In fact, we wrote an entire blog dedicated to this very topic. In the blog, we elaborate on how having the main blog on your website can help you reach more patients.

How You Can Pull It Off…

I understand that you dedicate most of your time to helping your patients receive the best care that you can give. I also understand that you don’t have the luxury of time (and maybe expertise) to handle all the marketing aspects of your medical practice. You can pull it off by hiring a team of marketing experts who has experience marketing and promoting medical practices across the US.

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