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Top Ways To Improve Patient Satisfaction

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In today’s modern world, everyone wants the best of everything – the best service, the best products, etc. Everyone wants to receive top-notch service at restaurants, banks, and even online stores. And now, even patients at medical practices and healthcare institutions desire that same level of satisfaction and top-notch service.

Patient Satisfaction Statistics

Let’s take a look at a few statistics when it comes to the importance of patient satisfaction and how it can affect your medical practice.

  • About 94 percent of patients want to be satisfied with their healthcare personnel
  • 81 percent of physicians agree that dissatisfied patients will change providers
  • The loss of a patient due to dissatisfaction can result in a loss of $200,000 in revenue over the lifetime of a medical practice

Additionally, did you know that one in every four patients doesn’t feel as if their healthcare provider truly cares about their well-being? And, one in every five patients feels as if healthcare providers are only after their money and don’t care about their health.

Look, I know that you can’t please all of your patients all of the time, no matter how much time and effort you spend trying to do so. However, it should still be something that you aim to do. Because, when your patients aren’t happy, the following will likely happen:

  • 91 percent of patients will start searching for a different provider
  • 88 percent of patients will change doctors
  • 74 percent will not see their doctor anymore

Major Pain Points of Patient Dissatisfaction

Before creating strategies that can improve the satisfaction of patients online, it’s important to pinpoint the major reasons why patients are dissatisfied, to begin with:

#1 Lack of convenience

Chronic diseases impact 133 million Americans, and two-thirds of these patients have agreed that they don’t receive sufficient care. Most patients with chronic illnesses have to set up an appointment with their doctor for a walk-in visit which, quite frankly, can be frustrating. If someone needs to see a specialist, a lot of times they must visit their doctor multiple times before being referred.

Patient Dissatisfaction

#2 Long wait times

No one will want to visit your medical practice if they have to wait for a long period of time just to see the doctor. Almost half of the patients in America admit that shorter wait times would immensely improve patient satisfaction.

And, on average, patients have to wait 24 days to schedule an appointment with a physician. So, it’s no surprise that 61 percent of patients would switch physicians right away if scheduling an appointment is easier with a different physician.

#3 Confusing bills

I’m sure everyone would agree that dealing with medical bills is stressful – especially expensive ones. And to make things worse, patients often get caught off guard when the amount of the bill exceeds what they expect. About 57 percent of Americans want to know how much each service costs ahead of time. Therefore, make sure that your patients understand the costs of each service ahead of time so that your patients won’t be shocked when they see their medical bills.

How You Can Improve Patient Satisfaction

Now that you understand some of the major pain points and the damage that can be caused by a dissatisfied patient, let’s take a look at the benefits of a satisfied patient.

One satisfied patient = four more patients for you. Great news, right? The more satisfied your patients are, the more patients you can get. When word gets out about how amazing you are as a doctor, you will likely gain many patients.

So, when it comes to the online/digital world, what can you do to increase patient satisfaction?

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Let’s talk about percentages…

A study from PwC Health Research Institute Consumer shows that the following services can enhance the experience of your patients:

  • Online bill pay – 65%
  • Digital communication tools – 60%
  • Social media presence – 50%
  • 24-hour hotline – 47%
  • Remote patient assistance and monitoring – 46%
  • Online appointment booking system – 43%
  • Care manager services – 40%
  • Caregiver tools and support – 40%
  • Digital product support/education tools – 27%
  • Interactive patient engagement systems – 21%

Digital Marketing Strategies You Can Do

By this part of the post, you should be able to tell that enhancing your online efforts is very important. And you can reap so many benefits from improving your online presence and through digital marketing strategies such as the following:

Utilize Social Media

social mediaAs social media continues to evolve and advance, so should your social media strategies. You can utilize different social media platforms to connect and engage with your patients. Actually, if you have a blog (which you should – see our article about the importance of blogging), social media is a great place to share your blog posts and share other information that can keep your patients informed and engaged.


According to an article from Oxford Research, you can do the following on your different social media platforms:

  1. Provide health information pertaining to your specialty
  2. Collect data from different patient experiences and opinions on their treatments and interventions
  3. Answer different medical questions from your patients
  4. Allow your patients to access online consultations
  5. Facilitate an exchange on a conversation between you and your patients
  6. Promote healthy living methods

Even in today’s digital age, there are still quite a few doctors who can’t embrace social media because they’re set in their ways or not very tech-savvy. By hiring a team of marketing experts, such as the marketing team at Website4MD, you can increase your online presence without having to do all the work.

Offer Online Appointment Booking System

About 50 percent of patients still schedule their appointments through a phone call. And, about 47 percent of healthcare providers don’t offer this important feature to their patients. Let’s face it, when you offer an online scheduling platform for your patients, it would be a whole lot easier for your patients and for you as well. They can schedule an appointment with you even after business hours. Pretty convenient for the patient, isn’t it?

Besides, about 80 percent of patients would prefer a physician who has an online appointment booking system. This feature is a must in today’s modern world. This can help gain you a competitive advantage over your competitors.

Listen To What Your Patients Have To Say

Obviously, I’m talking about online reviews here. From Facebook reviews to Google reviews, you can substantially benefit from it. Online reviews have more influence than ever before – in fact, a whopping 91 percent of millennials fully trust online reviews just as much as word-of-mouth recommendations.

According to DigitalCommerce360, 84 percent of patients now use online reviews to assess doctors before choosing them. And, 77 percent of the patients who took the survey said that reading online reviews was their first step in looking for a healthcare physician.

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Additional Strategies

Aside from your online efforts, here are a few additional strategies that can improve  patient satisfaction:

  • Provide a television that shows fun movies or information about your medical practice to keep your patients entertained. This can increase the satisfaction of patients who are waiting for their appointment.
  • Provide an electronic check-in to increase efficiency and decrease the wait time at your clinic.
  • Set up digital signage that can help ease your anxious and/or impatient patients. If they can physically see who’s next or what number is next, then it would give them the satisfaction that it’s almost their turn.

In The End…

With all the tasks that you have on your plate – from preparing medical bills to providing exceptional patient care, you need a team who can help you. With Website4MD as your ally, we can help you take some of the stress from the day-to-day tasks off your plate. As a result, our services will allow you to focus on what you do best – providing patient care.

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