ways to generate online reviews for your medical-practice

Top Ways on How To Generate Online Reviews for Your Medical Practice

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Ever since the conception of our blog page, we have always reiterated how important online reviews are for your practice. And we’re not just talking about the positive ones. Even those negative reviews can be helpful. Negative reviews can help you gauge which areas you should focus on and improve on. Most of you reading this might think that online reviews don’t matter. But it does! Even though online reviews may not seem like a big deal, they help you get more patients.

According to Software Advice, 72% of patients report using online reviews as the very first step to finding a new doctor. It means that what your current patients are saying about you can either help you attract new patients or scare away potential patients. This means that the feedback you get from your patients impacts your online reputation and has a huge influence on their decision. 


A Brief Overview About Online Reviews

Understanding why you need online reviews for your medical practice will help you optimize your patient experience and help create a positive online footprint. According to IGI Global, an online review is a review written online made by a customer who has experienced the service or purchased a product. The reason why you should pay attention to your online reviews is that 90% of consumers read online reviews before visiting a business or an establishment. Furthermore, 88% of consumers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations.

Google has taken notice of this, and they have ranked review sites at the top of their search results. So when someone searches for your medical practice, reviews are usually at the top of the search results page. For prospective patients to choose you as a healthcare provider, you need to have positive reviews. If not, you are at risk of losing not just your current patients, but potential ones as well. 


Ways to Generate Online Reviews

Generating online reviews doesn’t happen if you sit around and wait for your patients to review your products and services. You have to do something. To gather positive reviews, you need to have a pace to showcase these fantastic reviews. Online platforms have to be tapped, such as Google Local, Yelp, YellowPages, Yahoo Local, and other web-based advertising sites. If you’re more into social media, you can make a Facebook page where your patients can leave their reviews anytime they want. Having your profile on these platforms will give you more access to your prospective patients. Once you’ve set it up, all that is left to do is to get those astounding reviews. 

There are numerous ways you can encourage your customers to leave an online review for your practice. Here are some ideas you can try: 


    • Send personalized review requests to patients after they’ve experienced your services. 

The best time to ask your patients for a review of your products or services is soon after they have tried it. You can send a follow-up email and ask them politely if they can leave a review. Make sure that in your email you add how important and valuable their feedback is. This way, they’ll feel that you care about how you deliver your services to patients. 

    • Create website review widgets.

I’m sure your loyal patients visit your website once in a while for updates or just to seek relevant information about your new services or products. This is the reason why adding a review widget on your website is a great way to generate online reviews and show customer testimonials. 

Website review widgets enable your patients to leave a review while they are on your website.  There are many review widgets available, depending on the content management system you’re using. Those who are using WordPress websites have plugins that are specifically made for them. These website review widgets allow you to directly integrate reviews from multiple review sites such as Facebook, Google, and more. Amazing, right? 

    • Offer discounts in exchange for a review.

One of the most powerful ways you can encourage your patients to leave a review for your medical practice is to offer them a discount on your products or some of your services. You can either ask your patients directly or just call and ask them for a quick online review. Remember, discounts are still one of the most important incentives for patients to return and leave a positive review of your medical practice. 

    • Add review links in your email signature. 

You regularly communicate with your patients over email. Adding a review link on your email signature will be a good way to encourage your patients to leave a review. You can add a linked image or if you want a more straightforward way of adding it in your email signature, you can just add a regular hyperlink to redirect your patients to a review page. 

    • Create a review campaign. 

The best time to ask your patients for a review is right after they experienced your services because everything is still fresh in their minds. However, if you have your hands full with other tasks, asking your patients for a review may slip out of your mind. Don’t fret. You can still ask your patients for review by running a review campaign. This way, you can generate a lot of reviews at once. Just make sure that your emails are personalized so that your patients will be enticed to leave that positive review for you.


The Wrap-Up 

With all the options out there, patients mostly rely on other people’s opinions about a certain product or service. Because of that, your practice must have positive feedback for prospective patients to choose you. Reviews from happy, satisfied patients allow other patients who are looking for doctors to learn more about your practice. By following the effective tips we just gave you, you are turning your patients to be your greatest marketers for your medical practice. 

However, if you have your hands full and need help in generating these online reviews, Website4MD is here for you. We offer Google Reviews Service for medical practices. Our team calls up your patients, creates a good rapport, and asks if they could write a review for your practice. Simple! This way, you increase your chances of improving your online reputation while focusing your efforts to your patients. Schedule an appointment to learn more.