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Hiring a Medical Website Design Company: Six Essential Tips You Need

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On average, your website has less than ten seconds to grab the attention of visitors (in your case, potential patients). Did you know that? So that’s why the design of your website is so important, it plays a huge factor in whether visitors stay on your site or quickly hit the back button!

Look, it’s essential that your website captures the attention of your visitors in less than ten seconds (that’s less time than it takes the average person to tie their shoes). In order to do that, your website should be visually appealing, feel inviting, and not feel overwhelming. Also, your website should provide potential patients with an overview of who you are, what you do, and how your medical practice can help them. Think of it this way – a website is a gateway that can help you connect (and engage more) with your current clients and allow potential clients to learn more about you. Your website is an extension of your practice, so make sure that your website is giving off a good impression.

If you’re a doctor, you specialize in caring for patients and helping them get better. And, most likely, you aren’t well-versed in creating eye-catching websites. However, medical website design companies have a team of experts (website developers, graphic designers, and search engine optimization specialists) that ARE experienced in creating a well-designed website, and that’s why doctors should seriously consider hiring a web design company.

So, what factors should you consider before hiring a web design company? We’ll let you in on a few of the top things to consider when selecting a web design company.

What to Look for When Hiring a Medical Website Design Company?

  • Review their credentials

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When it comes to new patients booking an appointment with you, most will likely consider (and research) your professional experience before scheduling an appointment. So why would you do things any differently? Why would the selection process any different if you (or other physicians) were looking for a medical website design company? As a physician, you understand probably more than any other profession how important experience is and how big of an impact it can have on decision-making.

So, when you’re looking into web design companies, you need to consider how many successful clients a company has, their number of happy clients, and how long they have been creating websites. This will provide a helpful, and healthy, overview of a company’s web design experience.

  • Check out their portfolio

A company’s experience doesn’t mean anything if the work they provide isn’t what you’re looking for or if it is subpar. Honestly, looking at a company’s portfolio should be one of the first things that you do. And any reputable company should have a robust portfolio and be proud to show off their work.

By viewing a company’s portfolio, you can personally check to see if the company has what it takes to create your desired website. You’ll also be able to learn a little bit more about what they can and can not do. Take your time and scan through their designs thoroughly so that you can really assess if they’re worth the time and money you’re going to shell out.

  • Understand the time commitment

Are you in a time crunch to get your website up or do you have plenty of time before your website has to be live? It is important that you figure this out. Once you know, you need to find a company that can complete your website in your desired timeframe. You need to make sure that a timeline is created that works for you but is also realistic for the design company. Also, during this discussion, be sure to discuss the scope of the project and any deliverables that are required from your end. It is just good to know all of this upfront before entering into an agreement with a website design agency.

  • Who can vouch for them

Start by identifying well-designed clinic websites that you admire – for instance, if you are in peds, you may like this pediatrician website with the adorable kid as a focal point. Or, if your practice focuses on alleviating pain, you may like this pain management clinic’s website that draws you in with its really nice graphics. If you like a website, reach out to them and ask them who created their website; that’s a good starting point. Or, if you’ve already identified a medical website design company that you like, ask for references. Asking for references that you can verify will be very helpful when it comes to deciding whether or not you should move forward with a company.

  • Understand pricing

We’re pretty positive that most of you would agree that the price is very important. When you build a home, you consider how much a contractor, architect and the materials would cost – the same goes when you choose someone to build a website for you. However, don’t get so hung up on the price that you choose to go with a company simply because they have a lower price point. Remember, you get what you pay for. So while a healthcare website design company may offer a new website for a few hundred dollars, you will likely have to sacrifice on quality and a number of other things. Sometimes companies that aren’t that experienced can cost you more in the long run.

On the other hand, you may find a more experienced company that has a higher price point. However, don’t eliminate them just because of that; they may be the company that helps you gain new clients and increase your bottom line. Our tip: Always consider the return of investment. Sometimes the upfront cost may be a little more. However, if a company pays off in the long run, that’s way more valuable than a high(er) upfront cost.

  • Plan for the future

Of course, you want to find the right company to make your website look all nice and pretty. However, what happens after your site goes live? For many physicians, the go-live date may feel like the last step. However, you’ll want to partner with a company that will stick around for a while. You’ll likely need to lean on them for website maintenance, website updates, design enhancement, and more. So, try to find a company that can create a well-designed website and that will also be available for long term help as well.

What are the Benefits of Hiring a Professional Medical Website Design Company?

After reading those medical website design tips, you may be asking yourself:

“Do I really need a website for my practice?”

“Is it really necessary that I hire a website design company?”

“How does a website help me and my practice? What are the benefits of hiring a web design company?”

To start, yes, you do need a website. Why? Well, the medical field is very broad and the competition increases every year. So, it’s vital that you are one step ahead of your competition.

And if you want to get the best visibility, you should really consider an experienced company to help you achieve that. And it gets better – if you partner with an experienced medical website design company (as opposed to creating a website on your own), here are a few keys of the benefits that you’ll experience:

  • Your website will be unique & well-designed

healthcare websitesIf you choose to hire a website design company vs. using a standard, pre-designed template, the design companies can create websites for you that fits your specialty and sets you apart from the competition. Yes, using a pre-designed template to create a website yourself may be faster and cheaper, but we can guarantee that you aren’t the only physician using that pre-designed website template. Plus, if you choose to use a template, you’ll likely end up with a boring website that looks like every other physician’s site. Don’t get lost in the online crowd because you have the same template as hundreds of other doctors, instead choose to stand out.

  • Your website will be professional & reliable

    Hire a professional and you’ll get a professional, well-designed website. If you choose to do it yourself, then you’ll get…well, let’s just say that it won’t be as professional and it likely won’t be very reliable. If you choose a design firm, you can sleep well at night knowing that the chances of your site crashing or acting strange are very slim. Oh yeah, and did we mention – along with a professional website comes increased credibility and trust. Now those are two major pluses!

  • Your website will be attention-grabbing & look good

    The presentation is everything, right? Well, with the right medical website design company, they can help you create a beautiful website presentation that potential patients love at first click. Just think about this: if your site isn’t well-designed, potential patients will be leary to share information about themselves with you and they’ll think twice about scheduling a consultation. As a result, you’ll lose out on new patients. Don’t let that happen to you.

  • Your website will help increase your practice’s visibility

    It won’t matter how awesome your practice is, that you have the best staff in the country, or that you’re the best physician on the west coast if no one can find you or if your website is so unappealing that no one sticks around to browse it. If you have an experienced web team on your side, they can ensure that you have a website that is both attractive and SEO-friendly. You don’t want to get lost on the sixth page of Google, do you? Our guess is that you answered no. So, make sure you have the best visibility by partnering with a great website design company!

  • Your website will perform faster and it will be SEO optimized

    A medical website design company knows the right plugins and other tools which will help your website be able to perform well. This means that your website gets an above average that isn’t preventing you from making any progress and long loading screens. In addition, a medical website design company can give your website a great search engine ranks through Search Engine Optimization (SEO). It means that your website will appear in search results so other patients will be able to find you. Without this, it will be difficult for your website to discover and your potential patients to find your website, that means, you’re losing patients.

  • Your website will look trustworthy and you will make more money

    Patients want to know if you’re trustworthy. If they see your website as a reputable medical website, they will be more comfortable interacting your business. You’ll gather more visitors who are willing to do business with you.

In addition to the six benefits I mentioned above, hiring a website design firm will also save you time, help you attract more patients, plus so much more!

Hire a Professional Medical Web Design Company

Whew! I know we just shared a ton of information, however, all of it is very important if you want to find a good company that focuses on physician website design. Follow the six tips above and we’re positive that you’ll find the best design company for your practice.

In the market for a reputable medical website design company? Ready to experience all the benefits we listed above, plus get one step ahead of the competition? Our team of SEO specialists and web designers are ready to help your practice. Get started on your attention-grabbing website today with Website4MD!