Incorporate Patient Feedback Into Your Medical Clinic Marketing Plan

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Defining Feedback

Feedback is defined as the transmission of evaluative or corrective information about an action, event, or process to the original or controlling source – essentially, feedback is providing helpful information or constructive criticism from one person to another.

There are at least two types of feedback to consider if you run a medical practice. The first one is patient feedback. Patient feedback is a reaction to a patient towards the services and/or products that they have received from a doctor or medical practice. The second one is called employee performance feedback. Employee performance feedback is your staff’s feedback to their supervisor, office manager, or directly to you. This type of feedback is just as important as patient feedback because this can assess whether or not your employees are happy working for you. Happy employees will excel and perform their tasks well. If they perform well that means that they will also serve your patients with a positive attitude – in turn, this will make your patients very happy as well.

Never dismiss any feedback especially if it comes from your patients. Feedback can help to improve and enhance your medical practice. And all the data and information gathered can be put into consideration when making decisions pertaining to your practice. Feedback also allows you to build a good rapport and maintain communication with your patients.

5 Reasons Why Feedback Is Important

Whether positive or negative, feedback is very helpful. Why? Well, if you receive positive feedback, you’ll most likely maintain (or even further improve) the level of excellent service that you provide. However, if you do receive negative feedback, you have something to work on to improve your medical practice and your services. Some people would disregard negative feedback, or worse, argue with the person who wrote the feedback. Feedback should be one of your gateways to understanding your patients and staff even more.

Effective feedback has a lot of benefits for you, your patients, and your whole team. Here are five reasons why feedback is extremely important:

  • Feedback is effective listening

You can gather feedback verbally or through a feedback survey. Regardless of how you gather the feedback, the most important thing that you can show to the person who gave the feedback is that you’re really listening and that you understand the feedback they’re giving. When you ask for feedback, you have to explain why that person’s feedback is important and how you will utilize their feedback.

  • Feedback is a tool for continuous learning

Take some time to ask your staff how they’re doing, if they’re having a hard time doing a task, and their opinion on how the practice can improve. Continuous feedback can help you align goals, create better strategies, improve your services, develop relationships, and so much more. If you continue to learn every day, you will continue to improve every day as well.

  • Feedback can improve performance

One of the best ways to improve your practice is to receive constructive criticism or constructive feedback. It can help you formulate better decisions and greatly increase the performance of you and your staff members.

  • Feedback comes in many different forms

Feedback can be gained through an employee survey, performance appraisal, or training evaluation. But, feedback can also be nonverbal. For instance – every time you communicate with your patients or staff members, you can assess their body language and the tone of their voice to tell how they truly feel.

  • Feedback can motivate everyone

When you ask for feedback, it can actually motivate your employees to be/do better. Three of the things that employees want is to be heard, valued, and appreciated especially if it can help you make a decision that concerns your practice. And, getting feedback from patients, vendors, suppliers, and stakeholders can be used as motivation to build better working relationships with them.

Benefits of Feedback:

  • A reasonable way of measuring general satisfaction
  • A way of engaging with patients as one of the positive advocates
  • A reflection of loyalty to you as their doctor
  • A sensible way to manage and grow your medical practice
  • A great way to improve the experience of your patients
  • A good way to gain insights as to how you can improve the services you provide your patients

How You Can Gather Patient Feedback

Here are a few methods that you can use to collate feedback:

  • Customer satisfaction surveys/ Patient experience surveys
  • A patient advisory board
  • Provider groups
  • Focus groups
  • Call interviews
  • An open call to retrieve feedback

Incorporating Feedback To Your Medical Clinic Marketing Plan

A marketing plan is a strategic plan that is designed to be a guide to help businesses achieve specific business goals and objectives within a specific time period. If you have a good marketing plan, it will allow you to anticipate, assess, prepare, and build a roadmap that you and your staff can follow and implement. A marketing plan is a vital tool for any business including your medical practice.

One marketing strategy that should be included in your marketing plan is feedback marketing.


Feedback marketing is where you allow your patients to share their experiences with you as a whole. From the moment they step foot inside your medical clinic to the moment they pay for their services, they will rate how you serve them. If you implement feedback marketing, you are in tune with your patients. If you make your patients feel valued because you are allowing them to voice their opinions and concerns, they will appreciate that and most likely stay loyal to you.

The feedback that you’ve gathered usually is applied to the last part of your marketing plan which is recommendations. With all the data and information that you have, you can create strategies that fit your medical practice. Your recommendations should be the solutions that you can provide to the problems that your patients experienced during their visit or what your staff has noticed that isn’t working well. Nonetheless, feedback should always answer the question, “How can we improve our medical practice?”.


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