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The Top 2019 Email Marketing Trends

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There were many exciting developments and trends that hit the world of email marketing last year. When it hit its 40th year, the emergence of AMP for Gmail has reached its most long-awaited peak.

Now that 2019 has started, most companies have “refilled” their marketing budgets. A new year gives every company a chance to redesign or rebrand their efforts on innovation to keep pace with demanding customers. This year, when it comes to consumers, we can all expect that the expectations for quality content will increase. It’s been pretty obvious over the last few years that consumers expect more and more each year.

So here’s what you can expect – email marketing programs will be more personalized and more interactive. As a result, companies will be able to drive more revenue (in your case, your medical clinic and brand loyalty).

According to Kyle Henderick, a Senior Director of Client Services at Yes Marketing, he predicted five email marketing trends that will surely be a big hit this 2019. He predicts that in 2019, email marketing content will be based more on customer behavior. Also, he believes that marketers have no excuse not to send out personalized emails that they have captured from purchasing histories, observation, and email preferences.

Below are his five predicted trends and our take on each of his predictions:

  • #1: Personalized emails will help to put the right content and sent to the right customers

    Sometimes, the recipients of your emails, feel like it is “creepy” that you know so much about them. Thankfully, it should no longer be considered as “creepy” this year because there is so much information online. Therefore, it is important that marketers conduct thorough research and prioritize data collection, and marketers should that gathered information to personalize emails. Personalized emails will help to ensure that the right content is sent to the right customers.

    This prediction is right on point. Personalized content can be very powerful when used correctly. By creating unique, personalized content, it will give you a leg up on your competitors because you will be able to stand out and your content will be more memorable. Overall, personalization helps to improve marketing results and we are excited to see the role it plays in marketing in 2019.

  • #2: The mobile average order value will reach new heights

    Before, consumers didn’t really make big-ticket purchases such as large and expensive items on-the-go. However, this year, the gap will most likely close. It’s been projected that in 2019, more consumers will start purchasing larger and bigger orders using their mobile devices. In order to take advantage of this development, companies should gain their subscribers’ trust by offering detailed product content, more videos, images, or customer testimonials in order to push subscribers over the edge.

    We can see this prediction happening. Mobile is already huge right now and continuing to grow in importance more and more each day. And right now, consumers already purchase so many items on their phones each day – just look at the number of mobile sales on Amazon. Therefore, it’s not far-fetched that consumers will start purchasing bigger and more expensive items on their mobile devices.

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  • #3: Interactive content will continue to rise

    It’s all about interactive content nowadays. Aside from being more fun to receive, this type of content is also fun for marketers to make. The thrill of sending interactive emails that could (hopefully) entice recipients is something that motivates marketers these days. And when it comes to interactive emails, you can send out emails that could contain games, quizzes, or anything that allows users to interact with you without having to leave the email itself. It’s all about allowing/getting subscribers to interact with your brand in new and more engaging ways. This will help your subscribers build a better relationship with your brand and even look forward to emails and content from your company. Seeing as interactive content has already been successful in the past, we could see it taking off, even more, this year.

  • #4: Quality matters more than quantity

    Some marketers assume that quantity is more important than the quality of the email. With this mentality, the majority of emails would most likely end up in the SPAM folder of the recipient. To ensure that sent emails reach the inbox of the recipients, maximize revenue, and make all your hard work pay off, marketers should focus on sending out relevant, high-quality content instead of stop focusing on the number of emails that are being sent out.

    This year, marketers should always practice segmentation, data hygiene, email verification, and preference centers so that they could properly create email content for their specific target audience. And, smart marketers could use data to drive their digital acquisition efforts in order to target new subscribers.

  • #5: Customer data will expand further by using loyalty programs

    This year, loyalty programs will become much more sophisticated as most marketers have already embraced the concept of loyalty programs. By utilizing loyalty programs, marketers will be able to collect customer data and better understand customer behavior. This will allow marketers to reach loyal customers and create more endearing and personalized emails. These emails will help to acquire new customers who have the same characteristics as the loyal ones.

According to the Email marketing trendbook 2019, Krzysztof Jarecki, Dominik Krześlak and Adam Ambrożewicz from ExpertSender discussed what they believe are the new trends for email marketing this year.

The email is told through storytelling emails

Most recipients prefer emails where they feel like marketers aren’t just selling their products and/or services. In 2019, marketers should consider composing emails that tell a vivid story of what they’re selling and their benefits. Marketers should not only sell, but also engage.


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Emails will be safer

End-to-end Encryption (E2EE) lets you send emails and nobody can sneakily peek at the content of your message. A blockchain-based email solution keeps even more secrets. With consumer awareness on the rise and new set of laws being implemented to promote privacy, emails being sent out will be more secure and safe from different anomalies on the Internet.

Obviously, users want to keep ownership of their personal data and information, not only because of those funny or embarrassing emails that may be part of their inbox but also to protect their identities from any type of theft or fraud. Every year, more and more people demand control over their personal data. It will be only a matter of time until there will be a (popular) blockchain-based coded email solution.

Emails will start to behave like the World Wide Web

It’s predicted that in 2019, emails will begin to behave more like the Web. Apple and Google AMP are already foreshadowing it. It may take some time before that happens though, but rest assured, maybe in a few months, you will now enjoy making transactions straight through your email. Wouldn’t that be interesting to see?

An email will be the key to the journey with the customer


sending emails

You can get a great amount of data from different channels and sources. You can use the data you’ve gathered to send the most appropriate content at the most appropriate time in an email to the most appropriate people. How cool is that! Your customer’s email is the key to your customer’s journey on other channels. And emails will allow you to merge first-party data with third-party data.

You have so much to look forward to when it comes to email trends this year. And, lucky for you, if you want to be on trend when you send out emails, Website4MD can help you out. Want to learn more? Talk to one of our email experts to ensure that you are on top of your email marketing game!

Now that you’ve heard our trend predictions and other expert predictions, what email predictions do you have for this year?