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What is Quality Content? Inspiring Ideas + Examples

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Nowadays, physicians and other healthcare professionals have realized how important digital marketing is when it comes to attracting new patients. And if there’s one thing in particular that you need to focus on when marketing your medical practice, it’s your content. You need to create good, quality content that is relevant and valuable to your target audience. It is one good way to set yourself apart from your competitors. Also, it has become a necessity when it comes to raising awareness of your brand and giving yourself a competitive advantage. It is safe to say that behind every successful digital marketing campaign is quality content that connects the organization to its target audience. 

In our previous blog entitled Quality Content: What Does It Really Mean?, we defined what quality content is and the key elements of good content. In an effort to help you further understand the importance of creating quality content, today we are going to share a few examples of good content. Use these examples as inspiration when creating content for your website or digital marketing campaigns. 

Examples of Good Content


Nuffield Health

The purpose of creating quality content is to capture your target audience’s attention.  As much as possible, persuade them to be strong advocates of your products or services. So, as a healthcare provider, you should aim to create content that would make them want to choose you as a healthcare provider. Nuffield Health’s content is our first example. They are a prime example that good content doesn’t need to be a sales pitch. Check out the video below that they created. You can see that they were not trying to aggressively promote their organization and that their name only appeared at the very beginning and end of the video. And, after watching the video, you’ll notice that the clip wasn’t even about Nuffield at all. However, the video motivates people to actually get fit. They’ve done it by telling a compelling story that relates to Nuffield Health’s services and to their campaign called “small victory”. This example proves how incredible it is to use storytelling as a content marketing tool.

nuffield health videoClick here to watch the full video.


Mayo Clinic’s Blog

mayo clinic blogmayo clinic contact
When you really think about it, healthcare is personal. We have the power to decide who we want to take care of us or treat our illnesses. That is why sharing personal healthcare content can be a little bit challenging. However, Mayo Clinic was not just able to overcome the challenging aspects, but they actually mastered the art of personal healthcare. Mayo Clinic’s blog,
Sharing Mayo Clinic, allows patients, family, friends, and Mayo Clinic staff to share stories about their experiences. If you go to their website, you can find a ‘Share Your Story’ button where people can easily share their stories. It resulted in a community where patients and healthcare providers can gather and interact with each other. It also became a hub that links to Mayo Clinic’s pages on other social networking sites, such as Facebook and YouTube.


Arkansas Children’s: #100DeadliestDays

100 deadliest days for kids

Did you know that kids are more likely to die or be critically injured between Memorial Day and Labor Day? This horrifying statistic is what the Injury Prevention Center of Arkansas Children is trying to prevent. This is the reason why they launched #100deadliest days on Twitter. The center’s team of experts works with partners throughout the state. It is to educate families on effective prevention strategies, reinforcing the phrase “It Only Takes a Moment”. It only takes a moment to lose a life because of an injury. But, it also only takes a moment to be mindful and just practice safety. The campaign featured a downloadable parent-teen driving agreement and infographics that tackle topics on fireworks safety and child safety risks. They also released videos about safe driving that featured real-life stories about people who experienced accidents but were able to survive because of prevention. 

arkansas childrenClick here to watch the full video.


Johnson and Johnson 

johnson tweet

People who followed the Johnson & Johnson #seehowloveworks campaign likely shed tears due to their emotional content such as their videos and social media posts. In the video below, you can see the love of three dads and impact they have on their kids’ lives. The goal of the campaign is to show the world what inspires people to care. With the number of views it garnered online, you can definitely say that the company is doing something right. The video is not the only thing that causing people to tear up.  They also have some nice Instagram content that also demonstrates an effective use of emotional content. They posted a quote on their Instagram account which they got from a doting dad on Twitter in celebration of Father’s Day. This is a good example of using emotional content as a marketing tool. Also, emotional content is so widely used because it usually always resonates with people (if done effectively and tastefully).

johnson and johnsonClick here to watch the full video.


Cleveland Clinic’s Blog: Health Essentials

cleveland clinic blog

With over 3.2 million monthly visits as of 2017, Cleveland Clinic’s blog is one of the most visited online healthcare platforms. The content hub provides up-to-the-minute news and views on health and wellness. Cleveland Clinic’s team of credible and experienced physicians offers different insights and perspectives on breaking news and trends. The hub also features a healthy dose of myth-busting. It is to help patients separate fact from fiction and sort good science from suspect advice. The goal of the hub is to help patients make the best decisions about their healthcare. On this blog, you can literally find answers to every health-related question you have in mind. Each piece of content is presented in an informative manner that aims to engage patients. 


Wrapping Up 

The examples listed above are a few of the great ways to provide valuable, relevant, and highly-shareable content to your target audience. You can use the example above as inspiration should you want to create a campaign to raise brand awareness and attract more patients. But if you already have your hands full with other administrative, clinical, and operational tasks, don’t worry. Website4MD can help you. By integrating a blend of content marketing, social media marketing, SEO, digital ads and email marketing, we’ll create an online and offline conversation that helps you increase patient engagement, build patient loyalty, and deliver meaningful results. Contact us and we’ll help you create an effective and engaging message that will surely increase your number of patients.