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Facebook Marketing Is Digital Marketing A Must For Your Practice

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Today, Facebook isn’t just a place for friends and family to stay in touch. It’s where people go to catch up on the latest news. And, it is also where your patients search for recommendations and even for healthcare providers. Facebook has turned into a place where you connect with loyal and long-term patients.

Facebook may have generated unfavorable press in 2018 because of its data collection policies, but it’s still a firm favorite among healthcare practices in search of new patients. According to a recent PwC Health Research Institute survey, approximately 90% of respondents between the ages of 18 and 24 said they would trust medical information they found on social media networks. In addition, a Demi & Cooper Advertising and DC Interactive Group study suggests that up to 41% of patients’ decisions to go with a specific doctor, hospital, or medical facility are influenced by their social media experiences. Moreover, Facebook is the most frequently-consulted website for healthcare information, as reported by Mashable.

Facebook marketing services offer advanced targeting capabilities that allow you to target users based on highly relevant patient demographic information, such as age, gender, location, ethnicity, and language. You can also target individuals who “like” specific pages or are members of online patient communities, enabling you to show ads only to those who are in need of the very solution(s) that your practice or medical facility specializes in.

Benefits of Facebook for your Practice

Facebook for your PracticeHere are some of the benefits of using Facebook as part of your healthcare marketing plan:

  • Facebook is (almost) free. There’s no charge to create a Facebook account or page and it is quick to get have one. Much like your website, your Facebook presence requires regular and active use to keep it fresh and to keep patients engaged, and vice versa.
  • Think of Facebook as a connected and targeted community. This involvement creates loyalty, satisfaction and a positive patient experience with a specific audience.
  • Facebook provides a “voice of the customer.” Listening to this interaction and feedback is extremely valuable to understanding the needs and wants of the patient.
  • Facebook extends your reputation and branding message. What you say about yourself, and the way you present the message, is part of your brand and your reputation. Facebook is another “face” that presents your branding message and a means to proactively manage your reputation.
  • Facebook boosts search engine visibility and visitor traffic. Creating a Facebook page and linking to your website, blog, YouTube channel and other online locations can increase your visibility with Search Engines (such as Google). And that increases your website page ranking which captures more visitor traffic.
  • Facebook is an advertising platform. Facebook provides some easy to use tools to create highly targeted ads. This advertising platform can be focused according to audience location, age and interest.
  • Prospective new patients come from Facebook. For many (although not all) medical practices and healthcare organizations, a properly presented Facebook presence can produce patient prospects, new patients, and referrals.

5 Advertising Tips for Your Healthcare Marketing

healthcare social marketingFacebook can be a social media for doctors that allows them to capture leads and the attention of potential patients in a very cost-effective way. Facebook advertising is a great option for healthcare providers because it introduces your services to your target audience when they aren’t actively searching, but are still receptive to engaging with your content on the Facebook website or app.

Follow these five tips for creating effective Facebook advertising for your healthcare marketing strategy.

  • Targeting the Right Group of Audience

    In using Facebook advertising, you should be clear about who is your potential customer and avoid targeting the general public. With Facebook’s targeting capabilities, you can easily narrow down your target audience based on location, gender, deeper demographic data, interest, and more, ensuring ads only reach people well within your target.

    Approaching audience who have nothing to do with your medical practice will end up wasting the budget and the effort you have put into a specific Facebook ad.

  • Using Images that Resonate with the Followers

    Choose an image that is relevant or fits perfectly into the context. And, be particular about the image size of your Facebook Ad. Blurred and unclear images will only create a negative impact on the viewers and make the campaign look unprofessional.

  • Take Advantage of Video

    Facebook videos present an enormous opportunity to get your practice front and center of a highly targeted audience and drive reach, engagement, and conversion much further than other forms of promotion. Patients better recall content that they’ve watched in a video vs. what they’ve read. Multiple surveys and studies have found that the majority of people would much rather watch a video about something than read about it.

    According to Forbes videos outperformed text and static images by 1200% and drove 135% more organic traffic in 2017.

  • Use Lead Ads to Get Inquiries

    Lead ads on Facebook make it easier for potential patients to submit their information to you, via any device. They can schedule an appointment or request more information about your services. This is also a powerful option that encourages users to sign up directly on Facebook to get news, price quotes, and appointments from your practice.

  • Engage with HIPAA in Mind

    As a healthcare provider, it’s necessary to keep potential patient’s information private and secure. If your practice wants to use photography for marketing or educational purposes, ensure you have proper patient consent. Create a form that explicitly states why a photo or video is being taken and retains your rights to the imagery.

Facebook is an ever growing and expanding platform. Moreover, Facebook is continuously changing and updating its algorithms, ad design, features, and usage guidelines. So, healthcare marketers need to be attentive to the latest changes and be aware of what’s happening on the platform so that they can craft their marketing and advertising strategies accordingly. If you have set goals and want some extra help for effective Facebook marketing strategies as well as other social media platforms, Website4MD have digital marketers and social media specialists that can get your there. Feel free to contact us to get started.