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How Digital Signage can Enhance the Patient Experience

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Have you ever walked the busy streets of Times Square or traveled via public transportation in Boston? If you have, then it’s very likely that you noticed the eye-catching and colorful digital displays that both places have. Digital signage, like the two examples, just mentioned, is not only making its way up and down popular streets, but it’s also now popping up in subway stations, at tourist attractions, and on the side of highways across the city. Apparently, digital signage is a very popular type of digital marketing in the US. From the retail industry to the industry, industries of all types are utilizing it to promote products, services and even events.

So, how can medical practices take advantage of digital signage to improve the patient experience?

First off, what exactly is digital signage?

Nowadays, you can’t drive down a road, head to the airport, or walk into a restaurant without seeing some form of digital signage. Digital signage is a form of electronic display that shows television programming, menus, information, and other messages that a person or company wants to convey. And it utilizes technologies such as LCD, LED, plasma displays, or projected images to display content.

Outdoor marketing activities such as displaying promotional content and advertisements use digital signage. You can find them in public places, transportation systems, museums, hotels, restaurants, retail stores, inside corporate buildings, and many other places. So basically what I’m saying is that you can find digital signage everywhere! That’s why it’s such a good way to promote and advertise products and services.

As mentioned earlier, different industries utilize digital signage. Retailers tend to have the most prominent and eye-catching digital displays. They typically place digital signage in store windows as a way to promote special offers and attract more customers. However, the use of digital signage has been rampant in different industries as well because of its diverse applications which include public information, advertising and promotion, and product information. Furthermore, the reason why digital signage has become so popular is that it engages the audience to make a defined action. Today, the use of digital signage has a high return on investment in comparison to printing methods.


Why should medical practices use digital signage?

digital signage for patient satisfaction

Now more than ever, patients demand more from their healthcare providers. That is why physicians try their best to provide their patients with the best care and experience possible. And one way they try to do that is by keeping up with the latest technology and trends in the healthcare industry. And today, healthcare professionals consider the use of digital signage as something that could help provide an improved patient experience.

Here are some of the reasons medical practices should consider investing in digital signage:

    • Help patients become more informed

      One of the key applications of digital signage is to inform an audience. With that in mind, medical practices can use digital to share important health-related information. As a healthcare professional, you can choose from a variety of topics ranging from wellness tips, treatment procedures, or even medical advice that can keep your patients healthier. For example, let’s say that you are running asthma and allergy clinic. You might want to show an educational video about home remedies to treat allergies. Or better yet, show an informational video about the tests available in your clinic to help diagnose certain asthma conditions.

      Aside from health-related content, you can also display interactive maps and directories. This is very helpful if your practice is at a large building that includes many offices. It will help patients and visitors navigate their way around the building.


    • Keep patients entertained

      Sometimes, patients get bored in the waiting room while they are waiting for their scheduled appointment or results of their tests. However, their boredom may lessen with digital displays around your waiting area. When digital screens with engaging and valuable content are in your waiting rooms, it keeps the patients entertained. And, in turn, it could even decrease their perceived wait time. Furthermore, it also helps ease the mind of your patients, making them more relaxed before their scheduled appointment or before seeing their test results.


    • Provide convenience to patients and healthcare professionals

      Digital signage can be used to replace traditional memo boards. Doctors and other medical staff can use these advanced boards to update information and display announcements about what is new at the clinic. This is more convenient because digital boards can easily be updated. Many practices also use digital signage in replacement for menu boards. Information about new food items that are available can easily be obtained, and it would save time from printing menus every day. In addition, digital menu boards can also display nutrition and calorie information, disease-specific diets, and even diet-food cooking videos.


    • Promote services and treatments

      By adding digital signage inside your clinic, you’ll make it easier to inform your patients about the services, procedures, and treatments that your practice offers and specializes in. You can add messages that spread awareness about certain procedures or promote upcoming events or new services. In addition, you can inform them about the risks and benefits of certain procedures and the follow-up. By doing so, patients will have a better idea about different services and procedures.


  • Improve the patient experience

    digital signage for medical practices

    Just by having digital signage in your clinic, you are already making a positive impact on the patient experience. Displaying relevant information, showing real-time wait times, and providing wayfinding kiosks can help to ease frustrations. It also shows that you care about your patients. It tells your patients that you are trying to improve your processes as well as create a safer and more productive environment.


The Bottomline

In today’s constantly changing healthcare environment, using digital signage could be very beneficial to your medical practice. In fact, the healthcare industry is a natural fit for digital signage due to it’s fast-paced and dynamic nature. The ability to easily update content ensures that real-time messaging of important information can be done, allowing physicians and other healthcare professionals to provide accurate information at any time. Obviously, the use of digital signage delivers a strong return on investment and is advantageous to any medical practice. If you are looking for a company that can help your practice with digital signage, Website4MD is the perfect partner. We are a full-service digital marketing agency working exclusively in the healthcare industry. Schedule a meeting with us and we’ll enhance your digital marketing strategy!