Best Method to Set Up a Google Listing for Your Medical Practice

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For medical practices who want to increase their online visibility, it is a must to be present on Google My Business (in a previous blog post, we explained how to create a Google My Business account and its importance).

Being listed on Google My Business is an essential part of any local SEO strategy. But there are certain scenarios where a medical practice faces google listing rejection if not executed properly. I’ll share more details pertaining to that later in this blog. But first, let’s talk about the importance of Google My Business for doctors.

Why Your Medical Practice Needs Google Business Listing?

Google My Business practitioner listings makes it easy for patients to find your practice. Google is the most popular of the big three search engines. They own more than 80% of the total search volume worldwide.

However, over time, Google has made changes to how it displays search results for patients looking for information about health-related conditions, injuries, and treatments, giving preference to healthcare providers located closest to the searcher’s physical location.

Best Methods to Set Up Google Business Listing

Now that you understand the importance of setting up a Google listing, let’s look at the different options you have. Because, as we all know, there isn’t a one size fits all model for medical practices (or practitioners); the size, specialty, and the number of locations for each medical practice is different. So, let’s take a look at how to set up a Google listing based on some of the most common scenarios.

According to the Google policy, individual practitioners, like doctors, are allowed to have their individual practitioner listings with the same address and phone number as the business page of the clinic or branded organizations that they work with. This is because doctors are often associated with multiple clinics or branded organizations and Google wants to allow users the option to review the medical practitioners instead of the clinic or branded organization. These types of medical practice listings are not considered duplicate listings by Google.

  • Single Doctor Who Works at Multiple Locations

    If you’re a doctor who works at multiple locations, then you should have a separate Google Business listing for each of the locations. However, you must use the same Google account for all locations and manage them from the same GMB dashboard. Creating a unique phone number for each location would give a positive effect on your SEO, although it is not necessary. And the hours of operation will need to be different for each listing.

    Situation 1
    If all locations provide the same service, you must adhere to the same rules as a single location and have the same business name (don’t add the city name to each) and category.

    Situation 2
    If all locations offer different services, then you would categorize them accordingly with the same business name (don’t add the city name to each).


  • Solo Doctor That Belongs to a Branded Organization

    If you are the only public-facing medical practitioner at a location and you represent a branded organization, it’s best for you to share a page with the organization. Create a single page, named using the following format: [brand/company]:[practitioner name].


    Note: If Dr. Rieger Kenneth is the sole public-facing medical practitioner at thisNew Jersey Spine Center-branded location.

  • Multiple Doctors who Share an Office Space but Choose to Operate Independently

    If you’re a doctor who shares the same office with another doctor but chooses to operate under your own brand, your own GMB location page should have at least two of the primary pieces of business information (business name, phone number, and address) need to be different. Otherwise, Google will flag them as duplicates.

  • Multiple Doctors At One Medical Practice

    For practices with multiple public-facing doctors, it is acceptable to create local pages for each doctor, in addition to the practice’s local page. The title of the page for each public-facing doctor should include only his/her name and shouldn’t include the name of the organization or medical practice.


  • Doctors Who Own Multiple Business Brands in the Same Practice

    According to Google, if a business has separate brands in one location, you can create separate Google listing pages for each brand. Therefore, if you’re a doctor who specializes in three very different medicines but serves all your patients under one roof, you can create multiple location pages for different specialties. And each specialty needs to operate independently as its own brand. Also, the same rules apply as if you were sharing your office with another doctor. Each location page must have:

    • A unique business name and brand
    • A unique website
    • An exclusive phone number
    • A unique business category

    And just to be safe, you should try to acquire a legal suite number for each different business brand, too. So you can ensure that none of your location pages are misinterpreted or conflated with another, hurting your SEO in the process.

  • When a Doctor Stops Working At a Location

    If a doctor stops working at a particular clinic or branded organization, then he/she should mark the listing with that location’s address as ‘Permanently Closed’. To do so, he/she would log in to and select ‘Manage Location’ for the location that he/she no longer works at.

    Then, select ‘Info’ from the left column and choose ‘Close or remove this listing’. This is where they can choose to ‘Mark as Permanently Closed’.

    Note: The other option within ‘Close or remove this listing’ is to ‘Remove Listing’. This option simply undoes the verification of the page. It takes away your ability to manage that page, respond to reviews, and it also lets anyone claim that page as their own (requiring verification).

  • When a Doctor Moves To a Different City in The Same Country

    The doctor can create a new Google listing for the location he/she is working at now and get it verified. Then he/she can request Google to mark the old listings as ‘Moved to a New Location’ and punch in the details of the new location. By doing so, the review strength of the doctor will be passed over to the new listing.

  • When a Doctor Moves To a New Country

    If the doctor moves to a new country, then the old listing cannot be ‘Moved to the new location’. In this case, the old listing will need to be marked as ‘Permanently Closed’. Remember, this does not remove the listing from the Google database. However, it does eventually delete the listing when there is no engagement with the listing. But this can take 1-2 years and there is nothing that can be done to speed up the process.

How to Set Up a Google Business Listing?

Your business will show up on Search and Maps when you create a Google My Business Listing. Additionally, the reviews will also show up on the right side of Google search results – letting your customers know about your business and how others have rated you.

So, here’s what you need to do:

google my business

1. Create an account or go to

  • Sign up/Create an account on gmail – if you don’t have an account yet.
  • Sign in – if you already have an account.
  • Enter your business name, location, services, categories, phone number and URL

verify your business

2. Verify your business.

There are many ways to verify your business but the following are the most common ways in verifying.

  • Verify your business listing by Email – if you see an email verification option on your desktop, here’s what you need to do:

1.) Sign in to your Google My Business account and choose your business to verify.

2.) Enter your valid email address, then choose “Verify by Email”.

3.) Go to your Gmail inbox and click the verification button from Google My Business email.

  • Verify your business listing by Phone – if you see a verification via mobile number, just like the email verification, here’s what you need to do:

1.) Sign in to your Google My Business account and choose your business to verify.

2.) Enter your correct phone number, then choose “Verify by phone”.

3.) Enter the verification code from the text you have received.

  • Verify your business listing by Postcard – as you can see from the example, postcard verification is one way to verify a business listing. All you have to do is:

1.) Write your name (optional) and click the “Mail” button.

2.) An email from Google My Business will be sent to your gmail account, then click “Manage my profile” for you to optimize your business listing.

optimize your business listing


3. Optimize your business listing.

Go to your GMB dashboard then select “Info” and choose a section you want to fill out or update. It is very important to get everything’s right from:

  • Business name
  • Category
  • Address
  • Service Areas
  • Business Hours
  • Phone or Mobile Number
  • Website
  • Attributes
  • Opening Date
  • Description
  • Services/Products
  • Photos – should be at least 720*720 pixels, in JPEG or PNG format.
  • Videos – must be 30 seconds or shorter, 100 MB or smaller and 720 pixels resolution or higher.
  • Reviews

google my business app

4. Use the Google My Business app to update your business information, post status, pictures and view insights.

google my business insight

5. Make use of Google My Business Insights.

Setting up a Google My Business profile for your medical practice is easy right? If you’re targeting local customers, this is for you.


While it is difficult to understand all of Google’s changes and their impact on your medical practice, it is necessary to learn about this topic. We all want to rank higher on Google. Adhering to its policies will ensure the highest potential for being noticed and showing up in search results.

To learn more about optimizing Google My Business listings for multi-location businesses and to understand how to turn GMB data into actionable insights, schedule a consultation with Website4MD. We’re a medical digital marketing company that will help you kick off your marketing strategy and improve your rankings!