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5 Pages Your Medical Practice Website Must Have

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In our previous blog posts, we’ve always emphasized how important it is to have a good online reputation on your medical practice website. These two things serve as a window of opportunity for your patients to learn more about you and your practice. 

There are numerous ways for you to establish your name and build your reputation online. You can utilize different social media channels, take advantage of email marketing, or you can simply focus on creating a website where patients can get valuable information about you and what you can offer. If you already have a website, that’s wonderful! You are one step closer to exposing your practice to potential patients. However, if you still don’t currently have a website, then it’s the time that you change that.


Establishing an Online Presence

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In today’s digital age, having a website is a necessity regardless of the size of your practice. It is actually one of the things that potential patients base their opinions on when choosing their healthcare provider. In fact, according to web credibility research from Stanford, 75% of users admit to making judgments about a company’s credibility based on their website. Furthermore, your website has the best chance of being a potential patient’s first impression of your practice. Positive first impressions lead to higher patient satisfaction, and thus, higher patient retention. 

What you have to understand is that a website is actually a representation of your practice. By having a website, you are actually giving your practice the opportunity to tell your patients why they should trust you and choose you as their healthcare provider. If you’re running a clinic and you don’t have a website, then you are probably missing out on great opportunities and new patients for your practice. 

Now you know how crucial it is to have a website. It’s time that you think of the different features and elements that should be included when you build one. And, of course, it’s important that you figure out that pages that you’re going to incorporate on your website. There are some pages that are simply must-haves. Those important pages are the ones that have the highest likelihood of attracting traffic. Furthermore, it also helps in forming the strongest impressions with online visitors and achieves conversions. To help you get started, here’s a list of the pages that your medical website should have:

    • Homepage

The homepage is the most important part of the whole site because it is the first page that visitors will view. As much as possible, you need to capture your potential patients the moment they land on your homepage. For that to happen, you need to consider the layout and the overall aesthetics of your homepage. It is important for your website to be visually appealing since looks are important to online visitors. According to a study conducted by Blue Corona, 38% of people will stop engaging with a website if the layout is unattractive. Furthermore, visual appeal partnered with easy navigation will have the biggest influence on people’s first impressions on a practice. 

Don’t get me wrong, quality content is important. Very important. However, regardless if you have the best content, it will not matter if it is not supported with a good design. In designing your website, you just have to keep in mind that your patients’ ease of use and convenience should be your top priority. Just make sure that your homepage doesn’t look like it was built in the 90s, and you’re good to go. 

    • About Us page

The about us page is one of the fundamental pages that you should definitely be part of your website. Did you know that 52% of people tend to visit a company’s about us page when they first land on a website? In fact, about us pages are actually one of the most visited pages on a website; the same will be true for your medical practice website. This is because your online visitors want to know more about your practice and all the relevant information is on your about us page. That is why you need to put more effort into the content that lives on that page since that page is where your visitors will determine if they can trust you and consider investing effort into maintaining a relationship with you.

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    • Services page

The services page is where your online visitors will get to learn more about your offerings and determine whether you can help them with their health issues. This is where you’ll have an opportunity to give a brief overview of the services you offer and highlight the benefits they’ll see by utilizing your services. The more you tailor your services page to appeal to your target audience, the more likely you’re going to attract the kind of people who need your services. 

    • Testimonials page 

medical practice website services

Your testimonials page is where you put the written or recorded statements of your satisfied patients. It supports your credibility and level of expertise in your field. Should your potential patients have any doubts about your capabilities as a healthcare provider, your testimonials page will help you alleviate their concerns. Adding client testimonials on your medical practice website is an effective way to establish trust and solidify your practice’s reputation. 


    • Contact Us page

One of the most important pages on your website is the contact us page. No matter how visually appealing your homepage is or how detailed your descriptions are on your services page, it will all be a waste if interested potential patients won’t be able to contact you. You have to make sure that your contact details (and even your office locations) are available on your medical practice website. This is to ensure that potential patients can easily schedule a meeting with you. Also, we highly recommend that you allow patients to book appointments online. Your contact us page could be one place where they have an opportunity to book appointments online.


Final Thoughts 

Getting started with creating a website for your practice doesn’t have to be hard. There are a variety of website design and development services to help you get started. As long as you incorporate all the pages mentioned above, you’ll be well on your way to laying the groundwork to attract potential patients, ensure conversion, and improve your online presence. Working with a team of marketing professionals can greatly help you achieve your desired website results. This is where Website4MD can help you. We have a team of website designers and developers, content writers, and SEO specialists that could help you build a website that attracts more patients. In the meantime, take a look at our portfolio to see how we have created eye-attaching websites that have helped medical practices across the US increase their conversion rates and acquire new patients!