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Summer Marketing Ideas for Your Medical Practice(Ideas and Examples)

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It is not uncommon for businesses and organizations from all industries to organize marketing campaigns or promos during the summertime, in other words is the “summer marketing ideas” 

Summer is typically known for warm weather, BBQs, and family vacations. However, for businesses, it is also the perfect time to heavily promote products and services. In a previous blog post that I wrote, I shared a few different marketing ideas that your practice could try out to attract more patients during the summer. And based on popular demand, I decided to write a part two to the original blog post. Throughout this blog post, I’m going to provide you with more details about summertime marketing and share a few real-life examples of how to promote your services and practice this summer. Check out the ideas and examples below:

#1. Offer summer specials or discounts.

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Because of people’s desire to save money, receive discounts, and take advantage of promos, summertime is the perfect time to reel people in and apply it on your summer marketing ideas. This is the reason why it is one of the most effective forms of seasonal marketing. However, summer specials shouldn’t just target your current patients, think about opportunities to also target and attract potential patients as well. But, before doing so, make sure that you are still able to make a profit; don’t discount your services so low that you come up in the red. After all, aside from attracting patients and growing your clinic, you also need to take care of the business side of running a medical practice. So how can you strike a balance between attracting patients and gaining a profit from promotional offers? 

You can give discounts, offer a package, or bundle products that are likely to attract more people. This might be advantageous to dermatology clinics who can easily bundle their products and whose primary target is women. And this summer, women of all ages are hitting the beach. Let’s take a look at what Water’s Edge Dermatology did to promote their clinic – they offered free consultations and discounts to the attendees of their event. They even had raffle prizes prepared for the attendees. And who doesn’t love a good raffle and the opportunity to win free prizes? 

#2. Get social.

summer marketing ideas billgates

We can’t stress enough how important and influential social media is when it comes to promoting products and services. Aside from reaching a large audience, social media allows medical practices to increase brand awareness. And in marketing, for medical practices and providers, awareness is the first step to gaining new patients. And one of the most effective social media initiatives to help raise awareness is the use of a hashtag when launching a marketing campaign. Whether it’s on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, the use of a hashtag together with a catchy and memorable tagline could help your medical practice achieve immense popularity. So, you have the opportunity to have a marketing campaign that either focuses on your services or the medical conditions you treat.

summer marketing ideas socialOne of the most popular social media campaigns ever launched is the iconic #IceBucketChallenge. This campaign was created to promote awareness of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), also known as Lou Gehrig’s disease, and encourage donations for research. This awareness campaign was initiated by the ALS Association in the middle of 2014. It was very popular, and more than 17 million people posted videos online, including famous celebrities, influencers, and political figures. Some of the big names that participated in the challenge were Justin Bieber, Bill Gates, and former president George W. Bush. Yes, it was that huge! 

The #IceBucketChallenge campaign is a perfect example of the power of hashtags to start a movement. This summer, you can use the #IceBucketChallenge as an inspiration to launch a marketing campaign that could help your summer marketing ideas and practice get the limelight it deserves. 

#3. Promote services for children.

summer marketing ideas children

Since kids are not in school during the summer, it’s the perfect time to focus your promotions and advertisements on children. This type of marketing tactic will especially be advantageous to practices who constantly deal with kids such as pediatricians, family practices, etc. If one of your target markets is children, then you should spend some time coming up with a creative and effective marketing campaign targeted to children.

Summertime is the time for kids to have fun by going to parks, beaches, and camps. And of course, at those recreational places, different kinds of food are typically present. That realization inspired Shoreline Dental to offer a summer promo for children who need a cleaning, necessary x-rays, and fluoride application. They were able to offer those services at a lower price by bundling the services together. As a result, they were able to create an appealing package, at a good price point, that got the attention of parents.

#4. Provide summer swag.

summer marketing ideas derma

Who doesn’t love free stuff? This summer, you have the opportunity to improve your patient engagement by coming up with a few free things to give away to your current patients. Patients who receive free gifts or giveaways are likely to remember the gesture and associate it with generosity. This is especially helpful in the healthcare industry where care and quality of service are important. You might have to shell out a little money for the free pieces of swag but it will pay off and help your practice in the long run. Here are a few examples of medical practices who have tried providing cool swag during the summer: 

Final Thoughts 

There are a lot of ways for your practice to attract new patients and improve your patient engagement using this summer marketing ideas and examples. All you have to do is to come up with effective marketing initiatives that help you achieve your goals. We recognize that you already likely have a lot on your plate – from juggling your current responsibilities in the office to deducting quality time to spend with your family and friends – so sometimes marketing gets put on the backburner.Don’t fret. Website4MD can give you a helping hand. We work exclusively in the healthcare industry, and we have a team of experts who know how to promote your practice to ensure that it stands out among your competitors. If you want to learn more, give us a call and let’s start brainstorming creative marketing tactics that can help you get more patients through your front door!